Pikkio Accessori di moda, stile e costume

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Pikkio was founded in  2000 thanks to the collaboration of Simone and Alessia  with their father  Mauro Picchio. The company is based in Rome, near the city  center; the location is 400mq large with laboratories for production, design  offices and a big showroom for customers. Pikkio has brought its clientele the  best of everything in the world of accessories and has been working for some of  the most prestigious Italian brands in the fashion industry.

Their continued  fusion of inspiration and technical prowess keeps them at the cutting edge of  design. Allowing them to create a large assortment of jewels and limitless  possibilities for new ones. Their craftsmanship and knowledge allows them to  cater to a wide array of costumers as they produce everything from archaic  ornaments to modern jewelry.

Finally, theireye for trends has resulted in  collaborations in the world of furniture design with a particular focus on  design ornaments and complements. And all this is only a glimpse of what  Pikkio is capable of as they continue to evolve to express the best in Italian  craftsmanship.