Pikkio Accessori di moda, stile e costume

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The market always on the move, dynamic, innovative and advanced trends, women who take care of their aspect much more than in the past, are elements followed by Pikkio to realize its own idea about bijoux and not only.

Design, imagination, uniqueness, craftsmanship are used by Pikkio to enhance not only the woman but also the context within she lives. So, in the workshop, the marriage between experience and imagination gives birth to a jewel that makes woman smart, fashionable, elegant and charming.

From classic to modern, from semplicity to eccentricity, the firm can space out in the world of fashion and accessories in order to satisfy every kind of request.

The accesory is no more like a simple ornament or decoration but, finally, it is the protagonist. Ear-rings necklaces, bracialets, rings, brooches, shoes, belts and bags make every woman beautiful and self-confident.